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I am an entrepreneur, a convinced economist, an Espresso addict, global traveler and language collector, boy scout and web scout, a music lover and jazz fan, residing in Zurich / Switzerland but missing nice talks and walks in Amsterdam, the stunning view in the bay of San Francisco, the beat of New York and Shanghai and the crowd in Hong-Kong during the moon festival. I have been living in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands as well as in China and the United States.

Roger L. Basler de Roca


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Over the years, I have graced a couple of podiums to talk about entrepreneurship and life in general. If you need me in your organization, conference, seminar, etc, kindly use the button below this page and let me know.

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Every company at some point hits a dead end; ranging from human capacity development to sales and marketing strategies. As a digital native with a fondness for languages and foreign countries, I have worked abroad as a consultant for many years.

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In my role as business architect, I help established companies and start-ups in the areas of business development, digital marketing and ecommerce, thereby connecting innovative service providers and strategies both nationally and internationally.

Whatever you come along in life that might be worth sharing – let me know: in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Dutch.
I agree with Steve Jobs and Ghandi: Stay hungry – stay foolish. Your life is your message.
Roger L. Basler de Roca
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