Digital knowledge compact

An event series for makers who want to know more than just PowerPoint slides. We show what works behind the scenes and what doesn’t. The event series is based on 3 themed evenings, in which we cover the basics, deepening and growth in the subject areas. In this way, you will not lose touch with the rapid developments in the market, but will always be one step ahead of the competition! Because tomorrow is already yesterday. This saying applies to nothing as much as it does to developments on the Internet. Is TikTok worth it at all? How can I use NFT as a company? In which direction is the development of digital models moving? And what do I actually need funnels for and why don’t I know them? There are many different types of digital sales, but what they all have in common is that they provide a way to deliver unique experiences to your customers. Whether you’re selling a unique NFT, creating a TikTok video, or closing a sale, digital selling allows you to reach your customers in a whole new way. Digital selling is the future of sales, and these tools will keep you ahead of the curve. If you’re not using them yet, now is the time to start. NFTs, TikTok, Funnels, and Digital Selling are all on the rise in the digital world. They all have one thing in common: they are extremely powerful and effective when it comes to reaching and persuading people. NFTs are the latest innovation in digital currencies. TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform. Funnels are an extremely effective tool for guiding potential customers through the buying process. And digital selling is the future of sales – it’s fast, easy and extremely effective. So – what are you waiting for? True to the motto: small budget, big impact.   The events take place offline and are accompanied by online content, checklists and an online community on LinkedIn and Geneva. Those who attend the events receive up to 10% discount on upcoming events. The event series are concluded with certifications. The certificates can be used on LinkedIn, for example, as proof of achievement. Every Thursday evening from 18.30 – 20.30 with drinks and snacks and a long-term exchange.

TikTok - How to use it professionally

Evening 1 – 19.1.23: How & Why TikTok at all – which tools do I really need?

Evening 2 – 26.1.23: How to create content with system without much effort

Evening 3 – 02.2.23: Grow on TikTok and generate customers and leads with it

TikTok is also becoming increasingly relevant for business people or in the B2B sector. The platform has long since overtaken Instagram and YouTube in the area of video. Lead generation and branding are also possible today, and those who produce content can also use other platforms. We show pragmatically and practically what you need to know about TikTok today.

NFT - What do I need to know

Evening 1 – 9.2.23 Basics and technology – we create a 1st NFT.

Evening 2 – 16.2.23 Growing and promotions of NFT

Evening 3 – 2/23/23 Where are NFT going with respect to utilities?

Even though NFT Non Fungible Tokens are still in their infancy – there are many possibilities and opportunities for companies in this area as well. However, there are still many myths and ambiguities – we clear up these rumors.

Über Roger

Roger Basler de Roca – the Swiss “Mr. LinkedIn.”
Born in Switzerland grew up speaking 3 languages and gives over 300 hours of workshops and talks a year.
His over 100 LinkedIn reviews alone show his great expertise.

(from 15.01.2023)

Digital Selling - selling not only on LinkedIn (from 2.03.2023)

Evening 1 Basics and systems, what works and what doesn’t.

Evening 2 How do I create new leads on an ongoing basis?

Evening 3 How to grow with mini products, MIP and leads

Digital & Social Selling but without guru talk. What really works with real numbers and examples.

(from 15.01.2023)

Funnels to new customers (from 23.03.2023)

Evening 1 Basics and systems, what can I expect.

Evening 2 We build a funnel in one evening

Evening 3 Growing with funnels, evaluating and optimizing correctly

A funnel is a proven system to get new customers. Together we show and build a system that is scalable and works because it is scalable.