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How can I develop a digital business model?

Digitalization affects SMEs just as much as it does self-employed individuals. Their business models are changing due to changes in customer behavior. Where are you and your company affected? What opportunities are there in your industry? And how do you rebuild your business model for the digital world?

Using practical, current examples and with concrete instructions for your everyday life: get to know the Digital Business Models better, understand them better and correctly assess their benefits and potential for your everyday work and the future. Capture – understand – develop ideas. In this moderated workshop, you will learn how to further develop your business model and expand the individual customer benefits of a digital business model.

With numerous case studies, in-depth knowledge of business models and a strong practical reference to management, education and everyday life, you will learn to correctly assess opportunities, possibilities and risks for you privately or your business. As a reward, participants receive a canvas individually tailored to their business model, which they can use 1:1 for future strategy work.

The seminar contents at a glance:

Your benefit

Target group

Self-employed, SMEs, board members, business owners, managing directors, business developers, strategy consultants and members of management with strategic responsibility who are putting their existing business model to the digital test.

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