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Digital business model

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The dynamics of the markets and social change demand a particularly rapid implementation. In principle, there are around 55 variants of business models. However, digital business models can be divided into two phases:

Digital Business Coaching – Roger L. Basler de Roca – Digital Business Model


Phase 1 creates a basic platform with the most necessary functions (from the perspective of the customer and the benefits) and is done in a waterfall model. The goal is to be in the market as soon as possible to validate the basic concept.


In phase 2, individual applications are added. Each application extends the platform. The success of the application is evaluated based on the behavioral-psychological reactions generated.

The reduction of the applications to the essentials and the shortness of the sprints enable fast learning and a high number of applications. Through this approach, the entire platform evolves to meet the needs of the customer.

Successful applications are further developed, unsuccessful ones are shut down. With this system, they can quickly develop an approach that can get a strategy project off the ground within weeks. A further step thereafter is that within a few months the benefits increase noticeably.