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Roger basler de roca - top100 speaker and educational consultant

Roger L. Basler de Roca has been a business economist, top 100 speaker and digital entrepreneur for over 10 years. After 12 years abroad in private equity, he started founding his own companies. His areas of expertise include building digital business models and he has a penchant for algorithms and artificial intelligence. How does digital reality work? Do we have to believe all algorithms and what is really behind AI – artificial intelligence? Roger Basler de Roca shows companies, schools and organizations how and, above all, why. He is committed to the sharing economy and the issue of the 4-day week. He is an entrepreneurial consultant in the areas of digital business models, eCommerce and digital marketing. He lectures at various institutes and technical colleges and has published numerous specialist books and articles on the above-mentioned topics in German and English. In addition to German and English, he speaks Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch and translates for deaf-blind people. We really enjoy hearing from each other. Thank you for your attention and your interest in digital reality. Simply scroll down to the contact form.

Roger L.
Basler de Roca


Klosterstrasse 34
8406 Winterthur

What can I do for you?