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Basler de Roca

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All AI? Digital business models? What are algorithms? How do social media channels really work?

What do I need to know when it comes to the new digital reality and artificial intelligence?

In IT since 1997 – Digital Entrepreneur and Top100 Speaker & Workshop Leader in 6 languages on the road.

I share my knowledge so we can all move forward!

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“I strongly believe that we can only progress as a society if we share knowledge.”

I help you with Digital Business Models, Artificial Intelligence and Social Media and Digital Selling.

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Keynote Speaker.
Social Networker.
Digital Entrepreneur.
Attention Economist.
Espresso Lover.

Roger Basler de Roca



Digital Selling - Social Media - Web 3.0 - Blockchain and NFT - why we live in an attention economy

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Satisfied customers of Proven Experts

Micha M. Barth Field report & evaluation for: Digital Strategies

We learned in 3 hours what others unwind slowly for several thousand francs and in several weeks to make as much money as possible. Roger explained the process to us in a compact, competent and friendly way, recommended useful toole and gave practical advice. I can recommend it to everyone num!

Jasco T. Field report & evaluation for: Coaching and workshops

Roger L. Basler is an absolute professional who knows his business. In fact, he knows how to help his customers. He helps to understand complex things in a simple way and that's what I appreciate about him. If you are looking for solutions to perfect your business digitally, Roger is the right person for you. Absolutely recommendable!

Martina Rusch and Renate Cadruvi Field report & evaluation for: Linkedin & Digital Selling

We are completely satisfied with the service of Roger L. Basler De Roca: competent, sympathetic appearance, responds to customer needs, conveys practical knowledge. Thank you very much and we will be happy to come back!

Martina Rusch and Renate Cadruvi Co-Managing Director Succurs

Jürg S. Field report & evaluation for: Coaching and workshops

Thanks to the uncomplicated contact, we got off to a good start right from the start. The conversation took place at eye level and was very appreciative. Thank you also for the valuable input. I would like to especially emphasize the creative search for solutions and the exciting and feasible ideas. I can highly recommend Mr. Roger L. Basler De Roca to every entrepreneur and private person.

Paul M. Field report & evaluation for: Linkedin & Digital Selling

I participated in the LinkedIn and Digital Selling Workshop and I must say I was more than thrilled. Roger made the presentation exciting throughout and was able to convince with deep expertise. The workshop offered great added value and gave good insights into how to use the topic of social media and what potential it holds.

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