Who is Roger Basler

Roger is known for his incredible depth of knowledge and is backed by years of experience. As a phenomenal networker, he is constantly interacting with the community around him and would have it no other way. Always learning and seeking to improve his own life, there’s nothing he finds more exciting than helping others do the same. He’s written ten books (and counting) and is an engaging speaker for various seminars and venues, such as the Somexcloud Switzerland, the Institute for Startups Switzerland, and many other schools across Europe. He has authored a helpful array of books in the fields of eco-nomics, productivity, sales management, startups and e-commerce, social me-dia, and digital marketing.

Roger L. Basler de Roca is an entrepreneur, a convinced economist, an Espresso addict, global traveler and language collector, boy scout and web scout, a music lover and jazz fan, residing in Zurich / Switzerland but missing nice talks and walks in Amsterdam, the stunning view of the bay of San Francisco, the beat of New York and Shanghai and the crowd in Hong-Kong during the moon festival. He has been living in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands as well as in China and the United States.

Whatever you come along in life that might be worth sharing – let him know: in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Dutch. He agrees with Steve Jobs and Gandhi: Stay hungry – stay foolish. Your life is your message.

I am more than happy to stay in touch – thanks!

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